The 2014 edition of the European Athletics Team Championships 1L was held in Tallinn – Estonia with the Greek Team placed 5th with a total of 276,5 points, missing the opportunity to be promoted to the Super League.

The Team of Belarus with top athletes, was placed 1st with 302,5 points, just a breath ahead the Norwegians who finished 2nd with 300 points.
The third Team promoted was the Finish Team , while the Romanians were fourth with a total of 281,5 points.
The Super League of the European Athletics Team Championships was staged in Braunschweig, with the German Team scoring 371 points and the Russian Team finishing 2nd with 359,5 points.
The Teams of Netherlands (209 p), Czech Republic (208,5 p) and Turkey (138,5 p) were relegated to the 1st League, where they are expected to play an important role, during the 2015 edition.
The Teams of Switzerland and Latvia were the first two winners of the 2nd League and thus are the last (but not least) two Teams to form the 12 members of our League to be held in Heraklion.
The 2015 Super League, will be staged in Cheboksary (RUS), the 2nd League in Stara Zagora (BUL) and the 3rd League in Baku (AZE).